Welcome to PufflingTech.
We’re not actually recruiters.

But we are on a mission to help reshape a better workplace of tomorrow, connecting tech talent to progressive organisations who truly believe in flexible work solutions.

We’re not actually recruiters

We’re people who have worked in corporate environments and built up careers we love – across digital, product, technology, marketing and strategy.

We’re people who believe that the future of work is now all about designing around flexibility. Puffling came to life because we wholeheartedly believe that hiring methods are changing and we offer innovative solutions designed to attract and also retain top performers across technology disciplines.

PufflingTech is much more than a jobs board.

We are building a community of exceptional, off-market tech talent who are open to part-time, role share, project and contract opportunities and even full time options with true flexibility.

Pufflings (baby puffins) form long term bonds as pairs. Multi-tasking is their thing. They also fly at crazy speeds.

We think Pufflings are a great representation of our approach to role-share.

Lija Wilson

Co-founder, CEO

Lija has over 20 years marketing experience, including 8 years as the Group Director of Marketing for the Fairfax Media Marketplaces division. She made the list as one of Australia’s Top 40 under 40 marketers in 2015. She lives in Avalon with husband Johnny, boys Jack and Harry and beautiful daughter Evie.

Niamh Fitzpatrick

Co-founder, Head of product & tech

Niamh started her career in software development in Ireland before moving to Australia 14 years ago. Since then she has held director level roles in both Product and Technology for Fairfax Media’s Transactions division as well as 3 years in Facebook where she was Asia Pacific Head of Partner Management. Niamh lives in Balmain and spends her free time enjoying Australia’s great outdoors.