Progress your tech career and have real flexibility

We don't believe that to work flexibly you should have to trade backwards or sacrifice salary or seniority.

Our employers are forward thinking, outcome focused businesses who want to attract top talent and retain their best performers in a changing employment landscape.

Our employers work with us because they know the value of our talent; whether role share, contract, part time or full time flex.

Forget locking yourself in the bathroom to take work calls with the kids banging on the door or frantically scanning emails when you should be working on your side-hustle.

Flexible technology roles are hard to find. That's why PufflingTECH works with progressive businesses who see the value in flexibility, greater workplace equality and diversity of thought in their tech teams.

We're proud to work with organisations who want to attract and retain top tech talent.


Flexibility is a key driver for the future of work

We know flexibility is now the #1 thing employees value most in a role and is a key corporate enabler for gender equality.

56% of women in tech are leaving their jobs mid career and the turnover rate is twice as high for women as men in tech industry jobs - 41% vs 17%.

At Puffling we’re on a mission to create a more engaged, more productive and equal workplace for tomorrow.

We are redefining the future of work through our platform which offers solutions for greater workplace flexibility for technologists at all levels of experience.

We list all types of flexible roles across a broad range of tech disciplines, including our unique take on role share as part of our mix.

Our solution enables role share candidates to 'match' and share full time roles based on aligned values, skills, and career chemistry in their partnership.

Role share is ideally suited to agile squads and businesses supporting self-organising and collaborative teams.

Offering big benefits to business and giving you the flexibility you need without compromising your career.