Role share is when two (or more) people share the same role

We specialise in creative role share solutions across a range of role share types.

Role share is an amazing way to attract and retain tech talent and deliver greater productivity and collaboration, as well as promoting diversity of thought and promoting flexible work practices.


Benefits of role share

There are key business benefits to role sharing

  • Ability to attract and retain key talent
  • Ability to utilise two sets of experience, skills, ideas and enthusiasm
  • A team that requires less management – built in support, problem solving and accountability
  • Increased productivity and employee engagement
  • Reduction in hiring costs, absenteeism and employee burn out
  • Increased gender diversity as more women (who are often the ones requiring flexible work) have access to senior roles

Role sharing allows employees to have the best of both worlds – to continue working in a role they love while also having dedicated time for personal activities or commitments.

Flexibility at senior levels is much more than just part time roles or working remotely on occasion


How does role share work?

There are a few ways that role share can work.

Role Share team Everything is shared and the team operate as one

Hybrid team The pair have complementary skills and together can deliver a broader range of tasks

Vertical team The pair includes one person who is the line manager of the other

Puffling provides matching for businesses and senior talent looking for role pairs.

For a role share team to succeed both parties need to be compatible

And just like any relationship, role share teams need to be exceptional at communication and collaboration.

The most successful role share teams finish each other's sentences and are aligned with what they want from their careers. If you're competitive and love the limelight, then role sharing might not be the best flexible work option for you.